[Update] Me, a speaker and photographer at FUDCon APAC 2014

It's my first time attending FUDCon, the second time meeting community members.
I don't live Tianjin anymore so it's impossible for me to get the place earlier. To make sure that I can attend the event successfully, I booked train tickets 20 days before.
It's already 10:40 when I arrived at the meeting place. Then I completed the registration and looked around to know what to do next. The volunteers are so busy there, so I decided to take some pictures for them first.
When I came into the main meeting hall, Jiri Eischmann and Jaroslav Reznik's speech - Fedora.Next: Features and Friends was near to the end. I stood at the back of the room and tried to find any acquaintance to chat. But it's so difficult, cause everyone was facing to the stage.
When Robert Mayr talked about Fedora Websites in the 8th meeting room, I found out that he is Robyduck and Robyduck is him. I can see his nickname every time when I update the website translation on Transifex. But we've never met before.
During the tea break in the afternoon, many people gathered in the lobby and chatting. Some of them met for the first time, some of them are old friends. Everyone enjoyed the event. I tried to chat with someone, but didn't know what to talk about, so I just held the camera capturing this great event.

At the end of the ROS on Fedora by Ankur Sinha, I proposed to Alick to take a group photo for the volunteers and speakers in the 8th meeting room. While other audiences left for the main meeting room, two guys were still on their seats talking something. I invited them to join the group photo also, but they refused. May be they thought that neither were they speakers nor volunteers in the room, or other reasons. Then they left.

I had supper with Alick Zhao, Tommy He and his friend, Liang Suilong joined us later. We chatted for the whole evening. It was near 0:00 when Alick and I came back to the hotel.

I shared room with Wei Fu from Redhat, his speech was about Fedora on ARM. There was a problem with my Fedora 20, it won't mount my camera. Wei Fu then helped me copied photos out of my camera and tried to solve the problem.

The second day morning was rather interesting to me. I met Tobias, two from Gnome doc team(I will tell you who they are) and Arch user Alexander on breakfast. I think Toby, yes, Tobias Mueller, might feel weird when I asked him "May I know your name?". You know that he gave the first keynote speech on main hall the first day morning. Every one should know his name. But I missed it as I mentioned above, I was late.

When I came back to the hotel again to check out, I met one of the guys who didn't want to take the group photo in yesterday again, and I said "Hello" to him. I still didn't know him until he went to the stage of main hall to give a speech on systemd: A perspective for systemd: What has been achieved, and what lies ahead. Yes, yes, he is Lennart Poettaring.

I promised to Alick that I would take photos for the event. So my main task beside my own speech, was to capture interesting scenes. I couldn't focus too much on each speech at the same time while my eye was viewing from viewfinder. But it's lucky that there will be a video for each speech, so I can watch them later.

After systemd, more audiences shown up in the main hall. They were waiting for their hero, Richard Matthew Stallman. He gave me a very deep impression with his humor throughout his speech. He spoke in a relatively slow speed so that everyone can understand him. At the end of his speech, he auctioned his book and a stuffed baby gnu. When the highest bidders paid for the book and gnu, I came to the stage and tried my best to capture everything. That was the first action of a photographer I think.

RMS's speech was little longer than scheduled, so it's only 20 or 30 minutes left before the afternoon speeches began after we came back from lunch. Robert Li from Redhat talked about i18n and L10n test day at first. Meanwhile, I powered on my computer to check and prepare my presentation. I decided to use Chinese to introduce my topic at last.

I had 16 pages slides and two demos. My original plan was to introduce the slides first and make an interactive live demonstration, if time was not enough, then I would play the demos instead. Time ran very fast, I even didn't come to the last slide, the volunteer notified me that there was only 10min left. I had to skip the rest of the slides and played the demos directly. The amount of audiences was not out of my expectation, about 20 or less. This may because that most of the audiences were developers, or interested in developing.

After the speech on oVirt by Li Jiansheng, I left the 8th meeting room for the lobby. There I took some group photos for our community members Alick, Christopher Meng, Gerard and Duhongwei. Then the girl from Gnome doc team, who I met on the morning asked me if I want a sticker. She gave me one, one, another one and rest two, five in total. Yes, yes, she is Kat. It's so kind of her and David. I told them that I am the translator of Fedora Project and also the translator of GNOME. But most of my work(about 99.9%, haha) are contributed to Fedora. The main meaning she said to me was that it will be good even only one line of translation is contributed, and it will be great if more than one string are contributed. They also shown their interests on Chinese tea, and said they would have a tea shopping. So I suggested them to find one who knows Chinese tea very well as a guide.

I had to leave the event for the railway station before the closing speech and continue to work on next day. But my thought was still there, recalled everything happened and expected to the next meet.

Thank you to the guys who made this event happened in China.
Hope you will like the photos taken by me.
Photos in Flickr:
Photos in Google+:

About photos:
I've set all the photos taken by me(except the photos of Richard Matthew Stallman) to some-rights-reserved, CC-BY-SA on Flickr. However, due to the internet speed and condition I have, I didn't upload the photos in their original size. They are half-size JPG file. If you like a photo and want to download it, you can contact me for the bigger size one, even RAW file. The raw files are so big(7.1G) and it's difficult to store online, but I will keep it as long as possible on my computer.

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