About the Report

It's already been 7 months since the end of FUDCon APAC 2014 in Beijing, China.

I took the task to make a survey report in September, and it finally comes out till today. Late, but it comes out.

The hardest part of this report for me was the processing of the original survey data. It took me many hours to finish. And then was the figures, after searched on the internet and looked up the knitr manual, I knew how to correctly show both of Chinese characters and English in generated figures.

 All of these works helped me learning more of R. So it's worth to do it.

The report isn't perfect, however, for example the tables and figures don't look beautiful enough. And there must be typos and mistakes. If you find some, just tell me so I can fix them.

The single html page of the report is available at [1]. If you don't want to see it from my blog[2], you can read it there.


UPDATE: broken figures links are fixed in [2].

Brief report on FUDCon APAC 2014/GNOME.ASIA Summit 2014

简介 Introduction

FUDCon APAC 2014/GNOME.ASIA Summit 2014 大会已圆满结束。以下报告简要介绍了大会参与人员对本次会议的满意程度等内容。同时根据调查信息,做了简单分析。
This brief report is based on the official survey result of FUDCon APAC 2014/GNOME.ASIA Summit 2014.

数据来源 Data source

报告中图表统计数据来自会后进行的互联网调查。为方便统计,对原数据的内容做了适当整理和调整。去除了调查结果中重复投票、无效投票等,最终有效参与调查人数为 90 人。 另外,对大会的报名数据也进行了简单的统计。
Some responds data are simplified for data analysis. Duplicate and invalid respond are removed.

数据统计分析方法 Analyze method

数据经整理后导出为 csv 文件,由 R 做图。
The survey data was exported to CSV file and anylized in R.

调查结果 Survey result

1. 参会者性别 Gender of the attendees

根据报名数据,对参会者性别进行了统计。统计结果分两组:第一组为已报名,并最终签到;第二组为所有报名人员。从结果可看出参会者以男性为主, 225 人,而报名人数中共有 365 人为男性。

The first figure reflects the gender proportion of the checked in attendees, the second figure shows the gender proportion of all the attendees who regsistered on the web. Both figures shows that male attendees play the major role.

2. 如何得知本次活动 How do you get to know the information of this conference

如何得知本次活动 (How did you know the conference?) 票数 (Vote)
朋友推荐 Friends 35
邮件列表 Mailing List 29
社交网络(Google Plus/微博等) Social Networks (Google Plus/Weibo etc) 29
媒体报道 News Report 9
网络论坛/BBS Web Forums/BBS 9
其他 Other 4

3. 参会者对本次会议日程和题目安排的总体感觉 Total feeling about the schedule and topics of the conference

感觉分数为 1-5 分。5 分表示感觉最满意。
The options range from 1 to 5, which 5 means very satisfied.
满意度 Total Feel 1 2 3 4 5
得票数 Votes 0 3 13 33 31
在有效的参与调查者中,共 80 人回答本问题。其中有 31 人对会议日程和题目安排感觉为 5 分(最高分)。33 人感觉为 4 分,13 人感觉为 3 分,另有 3 人感觉为 2 分。
80 people responded to this question, 31 of them felt very satisfied (5), 33 thought it satisfied, 13 thought somewhat satisfied and 3 thought little satisfied.

4. 参会者职业 Occupation

职业(Occupation) 人数(Number)
公司职员 Company Employee 49
在校学生 Enrolled Student 28
政府/非营利组织成员Government/Non-profit Organization Member 3
自由职业者 Freelancer 8
其它 Other 0
共有 88 人回答本问题。其中公司职员占半数左右(49),其次为学生(28)。
88 people responded to the question, company employee takes the major role of the attendees' occupation.

5. 对会场的满意程度 Satisfication to the conference hall service

满意度 Satisfication degree 票数 Vote
非常满意 Very satisfied 45
比较满意 Moderately satisfied 32
一般般 Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 6
不太满意 Moderately dissatisfied 2
非常不满意 Very dissatisfied 0
其它 Other (无线不太好用 WiFi service not good) 1

6. 最喜欢的演讲题目 Favourite speech

在最喜欢的演讲题目调查中,共 61 人对问题作出了回答,另有 29人未对问题做出答复。答复者中有的回答列出了不止一个演讲题目,为统计方便,仅保留第一选择。
Totally 61 people gave their opinions. Some answers contains more than one answer, but only the first one is used as valid vote. Another 29 didn't answer the question.
Title Votes
Computing, Freedom and Privacy 17
A perspective for systemd 11
Integrating Open-source Hardware into School Curricula: The Community Development of Scratch and Sensors in Taiwan 3
Ramblings from the governing body of the GNOME Foundation 3
FOSS & Education in Taiwan with Ezilla project 2
Next Generation Input methods 2
openQA and Automated Desktop Testing 2
‘CD’ using Docker 1
Bringing Indonesian scripts and local languages to GNOME 1
Creating a Free World In Computer Classrooms 1
Fedora on ARM 1
Fedora.Next: Features and Friends 1
Firefox OS 1
Free software 1
Gnome document translation 1
GNOME Documentation: helping you learn and give back 1
GStreamer debugging with GstPadProbe 1
HackRF and GNURadio 1
How to ignore users' needs 1
Life of Translator 1
Local weather information and GNOME shell extension 1
Sandboxed Applications for GNOM 1
What we do on promoting FOSS in China 1
What’s cooking in GNOME - 3.12 under the hood 1
在回答的结果中,得票最高的是 Computing, Freedom and Privacy,其次是 A perspective for systemd。两者之和接近回答结果半数。
The most liked speech is Computing, Freedom and Privacy, the second is A perspective for systemd. The votes of the two hold almost half of the whole votes.

7. 最不喜欢的演讲题目 Least favourite speech

在对最不喜欢的演讲题目的回答中,共 33 人对问题作出了回答。明确指出不喜欢题目的回答为 15 个。另有 57人未对问题做出答复。
33 answered the question, and 15 of them pointed out the speech name they didn't like.

8. 对组织方工作的感觉 Feel about the organizer

44 人认为大会组织十分有序,35 人认为组织还算有序,6 人认为有些混乱,另有 5 人未对问题做出回答。
Feel about the organizer Number
十分有序 Well organized 44
有点混乱 Slightly organized 6
还算有序 Somewhat organized 35

9. 印象深刻的展台 Impressive booth

关于大会展台的调查为多选。共79 人做出回答。回答结果显示:回答者认为印象最深的展台为 SUSE,其次为 Red Hat,第三是 OpenSUSE。
印象深刻的展台 (Impressive booth) 票数 (Vote)
Red Hat 39
OpenSUSE 23
Deepin 21
禅道 Zentao 15
北京Linux用户组 BLUG 13
哲思社区 ZEUUX 8
Fedora 中文用户组 FZUG 6
机械工业出版社 China Machine Press 3
CSDN/Tencent Foundation 2
Seafile 2
Startest 1

10. The attendees' view on Richard Stallman's speech.

There is a question on attendees' view to Richard Stallman's speech, that is, what do you think of Richard Stallman's speech? The content of the respondent's answer varys from each other. It's not a good idea to use the answers directly and make a figure. So a very simple mapping is used to simplify the answers. The answers are divided into 3 classes, that is, Positive, Neutral and Negative. The answer reflects positive view, then it is classified to Positive, while if the an answer expresses the feeling of negative, disagree or likewise, it is classified to Negative. This mapping is not perfect, even subjective, but it can reflect the attendees' view on the speech. There are 64 people answered this question. Two of these respondents didn't attend the speech, so the valid answers are 62. The mapping answers and original answers are listed below.
你认为Richard Stallman (RMS) 的主演讲如何? What do you think of Richard Stallman’s speech? 票数 Vote
Negative 5
Neutral 11
Positive 46
Mapping answers Original answers
Positive 很幽默
Neutral just so so :)
Positive A good person living and fighting and putting his trust on others.
Positive very excited to see him!
Positive 有些激进,不过出发点是好的
Positive It was the best keynote
Positive 不能完全听明白,但是很精彩。
Neutral 英文听力不够好,没怎么听懂,
Positive Very good,impeccable!
Positive 很精彩。
Positive 挺有意思的,虽然还是老一套。
Positive 不错 ;)
Positive very interesting and enlightening
Neutral OK
Positive 非常好,两天之内唯一值得听的演讲
Positive perfect!
Positive great!
Positive 大神,我要给你生孩子!!
Positive Awesome!
Positive richards talk was surprisingly good. i have heard him before and in this talk he has improved his argumentation and avoided political commentary.
Neutral 除了比较偏激,其它都好。毕竟大神的世界观不是我等能够理解的。
Neutral Reiteration and similar to previous talks, which is a good thing and bad thing. However, some information was specific Chinese.
Positive It was good because of the very clear message, as usual.
Negative not enough for geeks
Positive great
Negative 没想法……老一套……
Positive Very good.
Positive His ideas has been so clear spreaded and understund. What I like do is show my respect to him. I do not need to listen the ideas again and again, but to practice it.
Neutral It felt like preaching to the choir
Positive Great!
Positive 完美!
Positive funny
Positive 好!
Positive It’s nice as usual
Positive RMS is a good speaker.
Neutral Hope huge number of RMS “supporters” in 2014 GNOME.Asia Summit & FUDCon APAC .
Positive Awesome.
Positive Impressive, and educating.
Negative I disagree with him on most stuff and always wonder why people invite him.
Neutral OK
Positive NICE
Positive 很不错。见到了真正的技术牛人,十分有思想。演讲很有意思。
Positive nice!
Positive Yeah! Interesting,and I like it.
Positive Great. Easy to understand for non-English speaking people. 非常好,对英语不是母语的听众来说容易理解。
Positive very good
Negative 一般,一直在重复
Positive Have been watched twice in reality and many times in the air, still impressive to me,especially his 4 freedoms theory.
Positive very good
Positive very interesting
Positive 风趣幽默
Neutral Fair
Neutral Cannot say bad about it. That’s one of very few that topic non-tech savvy can understand.
Positive Very moving
Positive Excellent, I believe he is right about his opinion
Positive RMS can be a polarising figure, but he did not get into any arguments and gave a good talk. It was great!
Negative I saw almost the same talk 5 years ago, just updated :). I didn’t like his attacks during QA section to the audience.
Positive Good! Articulate, fluent language.
Positive 非常贴切活动主题及与会人员身份。 计算机信息和自由软件的精神,都是参与本次活动人员所重视的!
Positive I think the topic will becoming more and more important in the future.Also more and more popular. And I like it very much.
Neutral 我覺得講得很好、很精彩,只不過他對於 non-free software 的想法和態度比我想像中的激進很多,我比較不認同。當然我同意 free software 是比較好的發行軟體的方法。有了 free software 帶來的自由,才能使得我們可以自由修改,把軟體變成自己喜歡、想要的樣子。
Positive I strongly have respect him, not only just say something, but also do as his own life (he doesn’t use any proprietary / non-free software, services, …). I can’t do as him (e.g., I sometimes use Facebook), but his talk hit my mind.


Some interesting results are concluded. For example that male attendees are much higher than female attendees. Company employees played the major role. Social network is far more useful than BBS or forum in news spread, however the traditional communication method - mailing list still has its power.




一 (羊城)


      这次的航班服务倒是挺周到,经停黄花机场前后都有食物送上。等到吃完小食,机上广播开始通知飞机快要降落了。出机舱后看时间,基本上是正点到达的。所以就不用担心赶不上去端州的机场大巴了。在这种大型机场,其实进出也要花上不少时间。好在提前了解了出入口信息,加上亲戚提醒,再有机场的各种提示、指示信息,因此还是很快就找到了大巴购票、乘坐地点。出了机场的门,一股闷、热浪涌上全身。顿时想起了 2005-2013 年间我所度过的每一个夏天。不过这已经是十月了,只能说,我纵跨的纬度太多了,算了下大概有 14 度。
      乘大巴沿途很顺利,没有碰到堵车。两个小时左右之后,终于到达了目的地 - 端州。

二 (端州)
      到达肇庆市已是夜间 11 点多了。尽管如此,弟弟电话里执意还是要请我吃夜宵。上学时曾看过易中天的一个讲座,好像叫《品读城市文化》。其中就讲到,“吃”在广州。大意就是当地人对吃很有讲究,当然不是大吃大喝的那种讲究。而吃夜宵,也是对这个文化的印证之一。



肇庆夜景 - 七星岩牌坊




      第二:注意安全,人人有责。到广东,交通上的第一印象就是:大规模的摩托车”军团“。这是个摩托车盛行之地,就像北方盛行电动车一样。无论男女老少都会骑摩托上街。而头盔绝对是必须品,从几天的观察看,无论是驾驶人还是乘坐人,99% 都会佩戴。与之相比,我目前所住地虽也有摩托出入,但 99% 都不佩戴头盔。
      第五天上午在不知不觉之中悄然度过, 下午已是我们出发前往惠州的时间。端州之旅就此告一段落。

三 (惠州)

四 (特别行政区)

      很可惜,深圳之行跟广州一样,只是路过。这一天的目的地是深圳的对面 -- 香港。
      始发罗湖站是内陆游客进港后乘坐公共交通的必经站之一,人还是不少的。我们二人只好一路站着。港铁车厢的设施乍看上去其实跟内陆其它城市差不多的。车载移动多媒体终端,警告标语等等。但细节决定一切。先举个例子:之前在津京乘坐地铁,横排的连体座位上往往是不知该坐几人为好。人不多时,有人会占用一个半甚至两个座位;人多时,可能本来是五人的座位会挤上七人。港铁上,横排座位靠背上方的车厢上会写有座位数。比如:乘坐 4 人。这样的好处是可以提示乘客该不该“占”或“挤”。当然这还要取决于乘客自身的习惯、素质等等方面。做为游记,此处不做详细思考了。

       出站后就进入了繁华市区,车水马龙,人流不息。但一声 5 秒左右的汽车鸣笛,顿时觉得穿越回到内陆某个地方了。不过这应该是今天在香港的十几个小时中唯一听到的汽车喇叭声。
       接下来是要通过一个跨度不到 10 米的十字路口,多数人在两侧等绿灯,也有少数几个人快速通过。我还不能确定是内陆人还是本地人。但通过之后的观察,我推测是内陆人的可能性更大一些,或者说内陆人占的比例更大一些。这个一会儿说。

       两个男人逛街,自然少不了看看电子产品。所以路过豐澤、百腦匯的店铺自然是要进去瞧瞧的。当然本人根本没有明确的购物计划,因此只是走马观花扫一眼而已,看看价格即可。逛完后二人确定了总体行程规划,决定先去中環然后再往回到尖沙咀,再到旺角,最后回家。乘坐荃湾线到中環出站。站外的风景与从旺角东出站截然两样,一片寂静,无车无人。拿 The Walking Dead 第一季第一集中 Rick 从医院出来时的场景形容是不算特别夸张的。

    ************************  此处剪掉若干字。

      弟弟说附近可以看到海,俩人也不看地图,凭着感觉无忧无虑的找海看。感觉有时还是很好用的,顺着街道我们一直摸到了车辆行人再次出现的地方。先看到还在建设中的小型游乐场的摩天轮,再向西看到了被吃了一口的苹果标。向北看很远的地方才有高楼林立,想必是海不远了。不过既然到了 Apple Store,必定要去朝圣一下。坐落于 IFC(国际金融中心) 的这大概是我见过的 Apple Store 中最大的一个了吧(其实此前我也只见过 3 个而已)。大概刚才出站看不到的人,都在逛 IFC 的商店和 Apple Store 了吧。我对 iPad 和 iPhone 没什么兴趣,而是径直去找 Apple TV,无奈人多地广,最后不得不问问服务员了。相比前两者它可是便宜多了,其实我的意思是我能买得起。而且也不用担心通关。付钱,走人。码头离 IFC 很近,走过天桥便是。八达通方便的很,轮船都可以刷卡。船只是普通渡轮,虽不豪华现代但颇为实用。舱内干净整洁,就连很多死角都是一尘不染。船上没有地铁那样人挨人,座位任你随便挑。
ifc Apple Store

      借这个机会要评价一下香港的公共卫生。两个字形容叫干净,三个字形容叫很干净,四个字形容叫非常干净,六个字形容叫干净的不得了。路上没有一点杂物、废物,没有痰迹,没有口香糖留下的痕迹,更没有办证广告。做为一个稍稍有些洁癖的人,在船舱就坐时并没有像往常一样先仔细检查座位的状况便坐下。大概十分钟左右便可到达对岸 -- 尖沙咀。出码头便是商业区,是各种名牌奢侈品、首饰珠宝“集散地”。当然我还是门外看看就好,毕竟对于这样的地方,我属于没钱没时间的,没时间排队等候进门,也没钱买。门外拍照就好,以表示我见过实体店就行了。

       吃的中间老板娘不小心后面很轻的碰到我一下,连忙就是一句“sorry 啦”。看来礼貌用语已经成条件反射级别的习惯了。在这么一个小屋,人这么多的情况下吃个午饭都不觉得热。很简单,不管是商店,还是餐馆还是其他室内,空调都开的很足。甚至都会觉得头皮发凉。
      饭后起身出门,我还是决定顺手给店名拍个照。店外就是电梯出口,狭小的空间里仍然有十多位在排队等着就餐。电梯很难等,不过旁边就写着:下楼梯三分钟,并不费时间(具体怎么写的忘记了),我们就照做了,楼梯宽度也就够一个人通过。 不得不承认,香港真是土地吃紧,在坐轮船前还曾看到山坡上也都是房子。顺便说一句:一顿饭二人共花费近 100 港币,在这样一个繁华地带吃饭,自认为还是相当便宜的了。
      下楼后我开始寻找尖沙咀的通利琴行,用 Google Maps 和 Google Search 查都不止一个。好在最后确定了具体位置。可由于它的位置实在“低调”,在 The One 走了一圈才找到。进店内直奔电吉它区,一堆 Fender 在眼前。看到 American Standard(不是洁具的那个美标) 有优惠,就问店员有没有其它颜色的,可惜优惠的只有黑色。店员看我也没有买的意思,回答完大概是多少人民币就忙别的去了。要不是怕不好通关,不好带上飞机,没有喜欢的颜色,我肯定就出手了。出门继续逛。


    ************************* 此处再剪掉若干字。
      可惜时间过的太快,该是我二人返回的时候了。从旺角乘观塘线在九龙塘换乘东铁线,站内人头攒动,站台排着蛇形长队。地铁的间隔时间很短,但也不足以让长队变短。好在我兄弟俩奢侈的选择了头等车厢,在车厢头处找到座位,一路坐回罗湖。出关人实在太多,需要间歇性的发人通过。好在秩序谨然,前后也不到二十分钟便通过。深圳到惠州道路通畅,不过到家也已经是晚上十一点了。距离第二天早上去广州的火车时刻还差 5 个小时。
东铁线终点站 - 罗湖

五 (惠州-东莞-广州-重庆-住地)
      为了能在羊城赶得上回程飞机。在 10 月 5 日特意买了早一些的火车票。但是火车票实在紧缺,只买到一张座票。火车开车时间是早上 05:02。之前并没有到过惠州火车站,所以也不确定开车会用多长时间到那里。考虑到返程高峰,取票困难,上车困难等因素,我决定 04:00 点就出发。弟弟执意要开车送我们,不过还是执意让他好好休息休息准备迎接节后的工作。
      坐出租车到达惠州站是 04:20 左右,看来火车站距弟弟家还是有些距离的。出乎意料的是火车站候车的人并不多,一共也就二、三十个人。而且还不是同一列车。我心想这下不用挤着上车了。火车进站,下车的只有几个人。随后列车员车门口查票后进入车厢,哇,近年大多乘坐卧铺、城际的我许久没见过这等场面了。座位上人贴人,座位下人贴人,过道上人贴人,哦,还有几个外国人也 do as romans do 的坐着、站着,躺地上的。
      第一幕:真人秀。清晨六点多是最让人犯困的时候,火车上更是如此。所以某一行业的职员这是就要工作了。从车厢西侧走来一位身材不高,行态不得体的人,一路边走边看两侧的行李架,边看边用手上去摸一摸。看他的工作能力,绝对是该行业的“高工”。因为有些行李人家是直接略过的,省时省力。看他跟我还有距离,应该没有看到我这里的时候,我一手护住臀跨部右侧,一手拎起替我“坐在”靠窗户座位的书包。侧站过道,待他通过。在他过后,我摸了摸我的臀跨部右侧,还是突起的(iPhone 4 还是挺厚的)。嗯,还好啊。在此之后一直到下车前,我都是侧站在过道上这样左右活动我的脖子的。
      第二幕:吃面风格。躺在地上睡觉的法国妹醒了,法国小伙给她弄了份标准的中国列车伙食:泡方便面。我突然想到了几年前在豆瓣上看到的一哥们坐火车去莫斯科读书时的游记。记得他讲在去莫斯科的列车上,跟他一个卧铺间的比利时兄弟吃方便面并不像我们总见到的那种淅沥呼噜的发出声音,还是近乎一点声音都没有。所以我想在这法国妹身上再次验证一下。我距她不到 2 米,仔细听了听,淅沥呼噜的声音肯定是没有,轻微的声音是有一些的。虽说只检测了两个样本,但还是可以大胆推测欧洲地区人吃面时应该有这“静音”习惯。
      车终于到了广州东,下车不出站。直接去乘坐广州地铁三号线北延段。地铁车厢很新很干净,而且值得称赞的是,地铁角落边上还有行李架,方便乘客暂放行李,节省空间。虽说广州东是本线路的第三站,但还是没有座位。所以我还是没有睡着的机会,迷迷糊糊的站了半个多小时,终于又到了新白云机场。机场实在太大,带着没有轮子的行李走路还是挺费事的。还好有大量的带有无线多媒体设备的行李推车供人免费使用,如果愿意花钱,还可以乘坐电瓶车。行李推车可以扫登机牌的条形码,告知你详细的机票信息和候机位置,同时还能提供 Wi-Fi 信号。不过,它自带的多媒体设备就不赞了,界面不美,功能简陋。


    写于二〇一四十月二十六日 -- 十一月九日。



      这次端午节小长假,我照例带着相机坐火车回了家。在我进家门的时候,才刚刚是 5 点钟。可夏天的日出格外的早,让我有种已是八、九点钟的错觉。父母因为我的回来,也不再有睡意,早早醒来。三人无事,坐在沙发上闲聊起来。除了询问家里、亲戚的进况,我就问了母亲我们的猫还好不好(自离家上大学后,家里的猫一直由外祖母养着。)。母亲轻叹一声告诉我:猫,在上个月死了。
       大概是 1993 年末,或是 1994 年初,总之是在冬天。姑姑家里的猫产下 5 只幼猫。父亲早在小猫出生时就”预定“一只。为了能让小猫成活并且可以喝上猫妈妈的乳汁,幼猫在猫妈妈的呵护下度过了满月。在某一天,姑父将其中两只幼猫带到我家,这样在把另一只送给别人之前,我们可以从中挑一只喜欢的留下。那天晚上家里恰巧停电,在微弱的烛光下,刚好可以辨认小猫们的眼睛颜色。父亲就把先前姑父说的那只“鸳鸯眼“的挑了出来,为了好区分,父亲干脆用母亲的口红在它的尾巴上做了个记号。之所以就它”鸳鸯“眼,是因为它的眼睛一只是黄的,一只是蓝的。
       由于一开始小猫猫比较挑食,除了极度饥饿外,只吃小鱼。所以一但有小鱼,它便要使出全身各种招数把鱼弄到手。我曾经用手捏着鱼尾巴把鱼拿在跟我肩一般高的半空中,大概有一米二(那时我的身高是 1.40 米),它看好位置后,便会全力跳起,伸展前爪的指甲,通过前肢的带动,把鱼用指甲勾下来;有时不太高的距离,直接用嘴拿下。然后衔着鱼迅速跑到无人打扰的地方,狼吞虎咽的几口把鱼吃掉。之后再回来“喵,喵”的跟人要鱼。小鱼买回来多数时候是冻着的,为了让猫猫吃好,父母亲都是现把鱼拿到水池里解冻后喂它。而这个解冻的时间,也给了它“偷鱼”的机会。到最后,它已学会用前爪勾开洗手间的门,用头去顶开厨房的门。父亲不得已,只好在两个门上装上了挂钩,来防止它自己开门偷鱼。也许是因为肉吃的少,它对肉有着特别强的需求。常常会偷偷进厨房叼一块母亲炖好的肉迅速吃掉。可惜懒洋洋的迈着猫步添着舌头凯旋时,就被母亲发现了。为了惩罚它,母亲就在它脑门儿上拍拍。时间久了,只要母亲一抬手,及时不会真的去打它,它还是会缩头、闭眼、哒啦耳朵,准备着挨那一下。
      猫,天生有着不会退化的野性, 在每次发情季节之间,这种野性尤其的被加强了。曾有一次,家门刚开个缝隙,它便全力地用头往出挤。我不敢用力关门,生怕不小心把它挤伤。但这却给了它出去串门的机会。正好楼上邻居开门,它径直冲进了邻居家里,然后在客厅四周疯狂乱窜。三四个人,花了好久都没有抓到它。最后我抱住它下楼的时候,它的后腿拼命的向后蹬,指甲在我的右胳膊上留下了一道深深的伤疤。直到过了很长时间,疤痕才褪掉。而在此之前的一次,它居然在别人家的冰箱保鲜室里待了一阵。还有一次弟弟捡到一只非不了的幼麻雀,放到了纸盒里打算养上一阵,可第二天发现盒子里只剩下麻雀的羽毛……
      一直都听说猫狗的嗅觉听觉很好。而与它在一起的日子,确实是让我领教了什么是听觉。那时家里住在三楼,父母亲下班后骑自行车回家,每当父母到楼下的存车棚时,它就会坐到门口“喵、喵”的叫,准确度是 100%。凭借着它的提前反应,我可以提前 1 分钟关掉电视机,然后回到书桌。而说起嗅觉,即使我上学在外多年,长时间不见它,回家后它仍然会过来闻闻我,让我抱起它。这个陌生人是做不到的。
      它是只招每个人喜欢的猫。我不止一次做梦梦到它,也不止一次想象着它会在有一天突然开口跟我说话,还一直希望它能成为世界上最长寿的猫。外祖母告诉我:多年习惯了有这只猫猫的陪伴,在没有它的开始几天里,她很是不习惯。父亲后来告诉我,猫用尽它第九条命的时候是 4 月 5 日。由于有古老的风俗讲究,不能把猫葬掉。为了不让它待在的城市的垃圾中,父亲骑着自行车,把它连同它最后所在的纸箱,一起放到了很远的市郊的山上。


How to test your translation?

As a daily user, a translator, and a not very active ambassador of Fedora Project, it's a good start to promote Fedora from L10n side. This demo was recorded by me as a part of my speech in FUDCon APAC 2014.

I hope this demo can help you to test your Fedora translation or others alike. The demo will teach you how to test your software GUI translation by compiling the PO file to a MO file automatically using Poedit. And run the software in your locale to test the GUI translation.

Compared to the developing works, L10n test is easier for daily users.


[Update] Me, a speaker and photographer at FUDCon APAC 2014

It's my first time attending FUDCon, the second time meeting community members.
I don't live Tianjin anymore so it's impossible for me to get the place earlier. To make sure that I can attend the event successfully, I booked train tickets 20 days before.
It's already 10:40 when I arrived at the meeting place. Then I completed the registration and looked around to know what to do next. The volunteers are so busy there, so I decided to take some pictures for them first.
When I came into the main meeting hall, Jiri Eischmann and Jaroslav Reznik's speech - Fedora.Next: Features and Friends was near to the end. I stood at the back of the room and tried to find any acquaintance to chat. But it's so difficult, cause everyone was facing to the stage.
When Robert Mayr talked about Fedora Websites in the 8th meeting room, I found out that he is Robyduck and Robyduck is him. I can see his nickname every time when I update the website translation on Transifex. But we've never met before.
During the tea break in the afternoon, many people gathered in the lobby and chatting. Some of them met for the first time, some of them are old friends. Everyone enjoyed the event. I tried to chat with someone, but didn't know what to talk about, so I just held the camera capturing this great event.

At the end of the ROS on Fedora by Ankur Sinha, I proposed to Alick to take a group photo for the volunteers and speakers in the 8th meeting room. While other audiences left for the main meeting room, two guys were still on their seats talking something. I invited them to join the group photo also, but they refused. May be they thought that neither were they speakers nor volunteers in the room, or other reasons. Then they left.

I had supper with Alick Zhao, Tommy He and his friend, Liang Suilong joined us later. We chatted for the whole evening. It was near 0:00 when Alick and I came back to the hotel.

I shared room with Wei Fu from Redhat, his speech was about Fedora on ARM. There was a problem with my Fedora 20, it won't mount my camera. Wei Fu then helped me copied photos out of my camera and tried to solve the problem.

The second day morning was rather interesting to me. I met Tobias, two from Gnome doc team(I will tell you who they are) and Arch user Alexander on breakfast. I think Toby, yes, Tobias Mueller, might feel weird when I asked him "May I know your name?". You know that he gave the first keynote speech on main hall the first day morning. Every one should know his name. But I missed it as I mentioned above, I was late.

When I came back to the hotel again to check out, I met one of the guys who didn't want to take the group photo in yesterday again, and I said "Hello" to him. I still didn't know him until he went to the stage of main hall to give a speech on systemd: A perspective for systemd: What has been achieved, and what lies ahead. Yes, yes, he is Lennart Poettaring.

I promised to Alick that I would take photos for the event. So my main task beside my own speech, was to capture interesting scenes. I couldn't focus too much on each speech at the same time while my eye was viewing from viewfinder. But it's lucky that there will be a video for each speech, so I can watch them later.

After systemd, more audiences shown up in the main hall. They were waiting for their hero, Richard Matthew Stallman. He gave me a very deep impression with his humor throughout his speech. He spoke in a relatively slow speed so that everyone can understand him. At the end of his speech, he auctioned his book and a stuffed baby gnu. When the highest bidders paid for the book and gnu, I came to the stage and tried my best to capture everything. That was the first action of a photographer I think.

RMS's speech was little longer than scheduled, so it's only 20 or 30 minutes left before the afternoon speeches began after we came back from lunch. Robert Li from Redhat talked about i18n and L10n test day at first. Meanwhile, I powered on my computer to check and prepare my presentation. I decided to use Chinese to introduce my topic at last.

I had 16 pages slides and two demos. My original plan was to introduce the slides first and make an interactive live demonstration, if time was not enough, then I would play the demos instead. Time ran very fast, I even didn't come to the last slide, the volunteer notified me that there was only 10min left. I had to skip the rest of the slides and played the demos directly. The amount of audiences was not out of my expectation, about 20 or less. This may because that most of the audiences were developers, or interested in developing.

After the speech on oVirt by Li Jiansheng, I left the 8th meeting room for the lobby. There I took some group photos for our community members Alick, Christopher Meng, Gerard and Duhongwei. Then the girl from Gnome doc team, who I met on the morning asked me if I want a sticker. She gave me one, one, another one and rest two, five in total. Yes, yes, she is Kat. It's so kind of her and David. I told them that I am the translator of Fedora Project and also the translator of GNOME. But most of my work(about 99.9%, haha) are contributed to Fedora. The main meaning she said to me was that it will be good even only one line of translation is contributed, and it will be great if more than one string are contributed. They also shown their interests on Chinese tea, and said they would have a tea shopping. So I suggested them to find one who knows Chinese tea very well as a guide.

I had to leave the event for the railway station before the closing speech and continue to work on next day. But my thought was still there, recalled everything happened and expected to the next meet.

Thank you to the guys who made this event happened in China.
Hope you will like the photos taken by me.
Photos in Flickr:
Photos in Google+:

About photos:
I've set all the photos taken by me(except the photos of Richard Matthew Stallman) to some-rights-reserved, CC-BY-SA on Flickr. However, due to the internet speed and condition I have, I didn't upload the photos in their original size. They are half-size JPG file. If you like a photo and want to download it, you can contact me for the bigger size one, even RAW file. The raw files are so big(7.1G) and it's difficult to store online, but I will keep it as long as possible on my computer.