Two people became the translators(reviewer) in zh_CN team without coordinator's approve

I found out that two people had been in zh_CN L10n team on Zanata without the coordinator's action. I thought that only the coordinator can make this action.

One of them was mentioned here[1]. The reason that I didn't approve their request are:
1. They didn't make self-introduction on both trans and trans-zh_CN mailing lists.
2. I tried to search in both archives for their self-introduction in case of they might introduces themselves before, but I found nothing.
3. They didn't reply to me about this, then I decided to wait.
But now he is a translator and reviewer of zh_CN translation team.

The other of them is more active, I know he is a developer of Zanata. Neither does he is a member of trans-zh_cn mailing list, nor does he tried to subscribe the list and made self introduction on both of the lists, now he is a member of zh_CN translation team on Zanata too.

I am curious how did they succeed to do this without the coordinator's action? 
Would they mind to share their procedure to us?

In my opinion, this may happens in four possible ways:
1. My Zanata account is compromised, and someone used my privilege to approve this.
2. The Zanata system may have flaws, and someone used it. 
3. A super coordinator/administrator exists in Zanata, and he/she manually did it.
4. Aliens did it.

So dear all team coordinators, please check your team's member list to see if someone joined in without your approve. If none, then the 2nd is not the possible way.

For the 1st possibility, I hope that the zanata team can help me to check my account activity, login IP addresses, time or what else, to make sure that my account is safe.

For the 3rd possibility, the Zanata team must know the answer. So please tell us.

And for the 4th possibility, I don't know what to do.

This kind of behaviour is unfair to other contributors, cause they all followed the rules and spent their time to introduce themselves to us.
This kind of behaviour is breaking the community rules.

We welcome contributors, but they should obey the community rules and follow the necessary procedures[2].

By the way, the first one I mentioned above is one of the owner of trans-zh_cn mailing list, so maybe I am wrong, maybe the originals have some prerogative. But none of them replied to me here to explain something[1].

So I hope you guys can help me to find out what have happened.
Many thanks.

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